What did I say when you read “Good”? Put the damned dictionary down, already!

Evil, with a capitol E, means that you care about yourself (or your group) more than you care about anyone else. Others don’t matter any more than you can use them to forward your goals. This DOESN’T mean you’re going to kill someone out of hand, nor does it mean you threaten them constantly. An Evil person will sacrifice a stranger to save his daughter. An Evil person will steal from a rich family to avoid starvation. An Evil person will crush an orphanage in order to put down a parking lot for all his closest friends.

What? “Evil” people can be evil, they just don’t have to be.

A blackguard takes control of a city through murder and deceit. Once he’s in power, the city enters a new era of freedom, prosperity and wealth. The blackguard is eternally lauded as the savior of the city because, in making the city more prosperous and keeping his people happy, he was able to make his own life easier and more luxurious. Doing “good” for the purpose of being rewarded is a very Evil thing to do.


Blackened AtukBaetho